Rising Strong Peeps

From a wintry afternoon in beautiful New Zealand. Where the sun is shining bright through the leafless tree’s, as we eagerly await the new burst, of the soon to be spring season.

For you who “Dare Greatly”  in everyday life….. ♥

Ever think to yourself…. Am I strong enough…. Capable enough…. YES you are!!

Nothing worth having comes easy and if it does it probably won’t last!!

Unless you may have a “Trust fund with a backup Trust fund”

If you do? Then I hope that you are wise enough….. to treat life kindly and……

Kind enough to treat others kindly.

On reading Brene’s book…. One of the biggest things that resonated with me –

Be humble or BE HUMBLED…

I’m not being all “peace and love” here as I believe that “most” people face major “obstacles” and/or something “traumatic” at some stage of their live’s.

Brene write’s on the cover of – Rising Strong

“If we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall”

If you are reading this? I want to pass on to you…… Be “brave” with your life AND strong enough to love yourself through the  “process” of whatever you may be striving so hard towards, for a better life for you and your loved ones ♥♥♥♥

Because YOU (in my opinion) are dam well worth it ♥

Sincerely Jo



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