How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness !!!!

Lets be real. We all doubt ourselves!!!

Jen Sincero – New York Times Bestseller : You are A Badass :

Loved reading her book. WHY!! because she writes with no “B-S” and says it exactly how she see’s it….

This is a quality, I so admire in people. You know where you stand!! These people are “your tribe”

They will help you, grow and get through the rough time’s in business and in life. You will feel vulnerable, and it will test you. That is how we all grow ….

“Quoted : Surround yourself with people who think the way you want to think”

Take a good look ……ÒÓ …. Who are you spending most of your time with?? Whiners, pessimists, bleakers, freaker-outers, and life-is-so-unfairers, it’s an uphill climb to keep YOURSELF in a positive head space!!!!! ”

Whatever you do? Do this for YOU!! Start to distance yourself as soon as you can from…. People with tiny minds, tiny thoughts, and start to find the people who act on BIG ideas, who TAKE action on making positive changes in the world and who see things as out of their reach!!!

“Dare to aim Aim high for yourself – Even if you miss you will land among the stars”

You may not know “these” people YET – Once you have made the choice in yourself, will it be easy ? NO! Will it be worth it? YES!!

How you begin…. Do one small thing and before you know it – these small things will add up to be big things!!

Have patience, make the decision of being around and connecting with inspired, visionary, enthusiastic people who are living their truths!! This is one of the fastest ways to massively transform your life. How bad do you WANT it ????

You deserve to be the best you can possibly be!!! You are worth it!!!

♥ Sincerely Jo


Connecting with awesome people …..

As the saying goes ….. “Your vibe’s attract your Tribe”

Wow, that has become such a reality. I have always had a “concept” of this throughout my life, but somehow along the way it had forgotten this just a “tad” !!

Not any more :

When I first started out on my journey of “Entrepreneurship” I will admit it was a little overwhelming to say the least. After all, what was I thinking ??

I have a wonderful life of which I am very grateful.

That was then… Now I wouldn’t change a single thing that helped me to make “the” decision and I’m so enjoying helping others grow in so many way’s.

I have “bumbled” a little along the way ( honest as always )   But that’s who I am

Facebook live’s – Setting up Websites – Learning my way around Instagram – You-Tube etc

Now to get to the point. If I can do this !!! So can you 100%

I have meet the most AWESOME people along the way and they have all helped me with so many things in my personal growth and now I see the increase in my business……

Time to share and inspire, like these people have done for me, and for FREE…

If you would like any help in any area’s of your business or personal branding ?

Reach out to me “ask the question”

⇔  You could save yourself hours of your precious time.

♦  Remember ……….   “Every champion was once a beginner”

Sincerely Jo♥


BE…. Un-Reasonable …….

I had some time today and want to share my reflections of my thought’s ……

Raise your standards and don’t adapt yourself to a world that wants you to conform to the norm of what EVERYONE else is doing !!

Set your OWN pace and follow your purpose,

Have the world ADAPT to YOU ♥

Understand EVENTS are EVENTS and DO NOT define you !!

Be mindful of the stories in your head. Whether good or “bad”

They will play out to your reality whether you want them to or not.

Where your focus goes your “Energy” flows.

⊗ Stop Falling in Love with Being Right !

This is a tough one for me, and I KNOW it’s tough for you too. To see outside your reality is risky business, right? But remember …. There’s a cost of ALWAYS being right alongside of a benefit.

〉 Choose the best option AFTER weighing out the pros and cons ⇒

Think for you and what is right for you and everyone will be better for it ♥

Food for thought ♦♦♦♦ Sincerely Jo

Dreamer or Doer ??

Which one are you ? Thought provoking question ….

Look around you have a really good think about what I just asked !!

Today I feel slightly “aggressive” in my thoughts…… As I look at everything that is circulating on social media …. … Storms – Fires – Politics – and the list goes on and on !!

If you have technology, you can’t help but see it !! The question is ? Which do you prefer to spend your time looking at? I think this is a helpful way to begin to understand where you may be in your life ?

Yes these are all very REAL and very concerning to everyone and I send prayers and blessings to each and everyone effected by this.

I myself can do nothing but support, donate, vote and hope for the best for everyone.

We however get the CHOICE to be a DREAMER or a DOER …..

If you are a DOER ? You totally understand what I have written

If you are a DREAMER, you could probably be peeved at what I have written

Either way. If what I have written can help ONE person realize !

What we “feed” into our minds everyday, will ultimately decide where you are and where you want to be !

I have some wonderful friends whom have lost their homes, pets, loved one’s with the tragic and fierce flooding in Houston. They are also the one’s that refused to let any of this stop them. They were on horseback, in their tucks and on the ground helping anyone they could reach to help.

To me they are true “HERO’S” and 100% DOER’S

Take a moment to look and see what you are “feeding” your mind next time you decide to look at social media. I truly hope it is something to help you be a stronger more determined person. To be able to appreciate fully this one gift of life we are given .

You get to CHOOSE xx

Sincerely Jo




I haven’t always been a confident person ….
For me it’s something I’ve had to really work on.
As most people outwardly ” look ” confident to other’s? It really all begins with ourselves.

One of the best ways I have found to boost your confidence is to make a list of all of your achievements in life and all the things you are proud of about yourself. At this point you may think ??? What achievements??

Some examples::: If you are reading this … YOU learnt to read! YOU learnt to use a computer or a mobile phone. YOU can answer an email and now YOUR list can continue …….. ( SMILE )

Think about and believe in this, I know you have things that make you feel good on the inside !

This is your “list” ….. nothing to do with the noise of the outside world where you are right now, or who may be in your life now.
This list is for the whole time you have been experiencing this journey of your life !!

Keep this list close to you at all times, for your eyes only. When you have “those” moments of self doubt, as we all do, take a moment to look at this list.

Take the time to have a smile, remember ” THE” feeling of your personal achievement, embrace that feeling, believe that feeling and go forward with


Honestly and Sincerely
Jo xx